Gambling in Alberta Canada

Alberta's Best Online Casinos in January 2023

Albertans looking for a new Canadian online casino to call home have a lot of options.

All websites that accept registrations from the province are included in the Alberta online casono list at Casinos are ranked based on the number of games they offer, the quality of their promotions, and a variety of other factors.

History of gambling in Alberta

When you mention Canada, Alberta might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Nevertheless, it has a lot of unique elements that set it apart from the other 13 Canadian provinces and territories.

It is one of only two Canadian provinces without a coastline and is home to more than four million people. It's interesting to see that Calgary or Edmonton are home to more than half of Alberta's residents.

Alberta's oil and gas industry accounts for just over 15% of Canada's GDP. In actuality, the province supplies more than 70% of the oil and gas that is exploited nationally!

It should come as no surprise that such a unique province has a large population of gamblers. Alberta just enacted the Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act.

Prospects for Regulation

As previously stated, the AGLC is in charge of all online casino regulation in Alberta. At the moment, the commission has only licensed one online casino.

One that is run by the province of Alberta. The revenue generated by Play Alberta Casino is reinvested in the Alberta government's general revenue fund. This fund is used to support important programs and services on which Albertans rely every day.

As a result, we don't expect Alberta's gaming commission to start issuing licenses left and right anytime soon. The province retains all revenue generated by and can use it to meet the needs of its citizens.